Homestead Custom Cabinets

28470 Homestead Rd.

 Wamego, KS 66547


Phone: 785 765 9977

Fax:  785 765 3710


Hours and Directions


  Monday - Friday

 7:30am - 4:30pm


We are located on the corner of Hwy 99 and Homestead rd. approximately 6 miles South of Wamego or approximately 3 miles North of I - 70 Exit 328.


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Look Behind The Doors

As important as the outside appearance of a cabinet or piece of furniture is, you need to look behind the doors to get a true feel for the effort and type of materials that has gone in to building it.  Our cabinet boxes are constructed of 3/4" plywood with 1/4" plywood backs, no particle board or MDF.  The plywood construction is not only lighter in weight but stronger than these other products, able to hold fasteners better and stand up to unexpected water leaks better.  Ever see a sink cabinet with a particleboard bottom after water has leaked on it for even a short period?  


Drawers and pullout trays are 5/8" aspen with dovetail joints, the strongest and most attractive joint in our opinion.  Drawers are branded with our name and phone number.  Shelves are adjustable,  3/4" birch with hardwood edge. 


Stain is handrubbed, not sprayed.  The finish consists of spraying 2 coats of a vinyl sealer followed by sanding with 220 grit sand paper and spraying a minimum of 1 coat of catalyzed varnish.  Softer woods require more coats of finish. 


Door hinges are hidden self-closing hinges by Blum.  Extremely sturdy and easily adjusted by the homeowner if the need arrises.  A soft close feature is available which is real nice if you're tired of hearing the slam of cabinet doors.  Our standard drawer glide is also by Blum, an epoxy side mount guide.   For full extension or just the need for added weight capacity we use an Accuride ballbearing side mount guide.  We also offer an undermount selfclosing guide, again real nice if you're tired of drawers being left an inch of two open.  

About Us

Homestead Custom Cabinets has been operating since the year 2000.  Prior to this we were Buchanan Custom Cabinets located just north of Wamego.  When Robert Buchanan retired, Brian Logan an employee for Robert for approx. 10 years, purchased the business, and along with two other employees, relocated to its' present location, 6 miles south of Wamego on 99 Hwy. off of Homestead Road.  After approximately a year we renamed our shop to Homestead, making use of the road name but also because it seemed to be a good fit for us. 


Over the years we've employed as many as 5 workers, presently we feel comfortable with the two of us, and occasional part-time help.  Chase started with us Dec. 2005, working over christmas break Junior year of high school.  This turned into summer full time and half days his Senior year.  Now he's become an irreplaceable asset to the shop, not to mention the husband of the bosses' oldest daughter. 

Our Team

Brian Logan : owner

Phone: 785 765 9977


Chase Hall

Phone: 785 765 9977